Some field of degradable plastics packaging

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Some field of degradable plastics packaging


Recycled plastics refer to plastic raw materials obtained after processing waste plastics through physical or chemical methods such as pretreatment, melt granulation, and modification.custom biodegradable cups The biggest advantage of recycled plastics is that they are cheaper than virgin materials and degradable plastics. According to different performance requirements, only certain properties of plastics can be processed and corresponding products can be manufactured. In the case of not too many cycles, recycled plastics can maintain similar performance to traditional plastics, or they can maintain stable performance by mixing recycled materials with new materials. However, after many cycles, the performance of recycled plastics drops greatly, or to an unusable level.printed paper cups wholesale In addition, it is difficult for recycled plastics to maintain good hygienic performance under the premise of ensuring economy. Therefore, recycled plastics are suitable for areas where the number of cycles is small and the hygienic performance is not high.

By comparison, because of its more stable performance and lower recycling cost, degradable plastics have alternative advantages in applications such as packaging and agricultural films that are short in use and difficult to recycle and separate; and recycled plastics have lower pizza boxes And the production cost, it has advantages in the application scenarios of living appliances, building materials, electrical appliances, etc., which are used for a long time and are easy to sort and recycle, and the two complement each other.disposable cup manufacturers White pollution mainly comes from the packaging field, and biodegradable plastics have more room for development. With policy promotion and cost reduction, the market prospects for biodegradable plastics in the future are broad. In the packaging field, the replacement of biodegradable plastics is being realized. The application fields of plastics are very wide, and different fields have different requirements for plastics. Automobiles, home appliances and other fields require plastics to be durable, easy to separate, and the amount of monomer plastics is large, so the position of traditional plastics is relatively stable. In packaging areas such as plastic bags, lunch boxes, mulch, express delivery, etc., due to the low amount of plastic monomers, it is easy to be polluted and difficult to separate efficiently.hamburger boxes takea way packaging boxes This makes degradable plastics more likely to become alternatives to traditional plastics in these areas.The production of PLA and PBAT in biodegradable plastics is relatively mature, and the total production capacity is at the forefront; PHA has excellent performance, and as the cost decreases, it is expected to expand from the high-end medical field to packaging, agricultural film and other larger markets in the future. These three degradable plastics may become the main force to replace traditional plastics.sugarcane bagasse cups
In addition to PLA, PBAT and PHA, starch-based plastics (also known as starch compounds or starch mixtures) are the most widely used in Western box chinese supplier Starch-based plastic is a blend of modified starch and degradable polyester (such as PLA/PBAT/PBS/PHA, etc.), which is completely biodegradable, compostable, and has no environmental pollution. Although starch-based plastics are cheap, they have poor service life, mechanical properties, and printing performance. PLA, PBAT, and PHA are the main development directions of biodegradable materials in the future. PLA and PBAT have a relatively large market share, and they are currently the main products for degradable materials to replace traditional plastics, mainly because these two materials have better mechanical properties, lower prices and costs than other degradable materials, and lower substitution resistance. The main application areas of biodegradable materials are packaging films and agricultural films, which benefit from the substitution of PLA and PBAT for traditional plastics. PHA is one of the most promising degradable plastics. Mainly because PHA has excellent mechanical properties and degradability, it can be 100% completely degraded in the organism. Compared with PLA and PBAT, the degradation conditions of PHA are the mildest.cornstarch container However, due to the high production cost of PHA and the price surpassing most other degradable plastics, its market share of degradable plastics is only 2%, and it is mainly used in high value-added fields such as medical devices for the time being. With the further reduction of costs and the development of high value-added applications, it will become a biomaterial with multiple applications that can be accepted by the market.



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