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12 Aug 2021

Essential Ways To Write In-Text Citations

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Citation can be daunting for students, especially when they do not understand the principles. In such cases, students can easily use a UTS referencing generator to save themselves. There are numerous ways of citation. Different universities require different styles of citation. So check with your professor or lecturer and find which methods are ideal. Some common citation styles are APA, MLA, Chicago and CSE citation generator. Let us look into some of the basic citation principles.

Introduce The Author

Whenever and wherever required, you must mention the name of the author or authors. One way to do that is by adding the name of the author before your information. For example, you can write, “According to Smith, the premise is false (2010)”. However, there is also a different way to introduce the author. If you do not add the name from the author’s information, you can add it in brackets. For example, “The premise is false (Smith, 2010). Both ways work until and unless you give credit to the authors for their work. Is it still turning out to be difficult? Use an APA citation generator to make your job easy.

Be Specific About The Year

If the year of the work is available to you, be sure to include that. The date of the publication should be mentioned after the information. When you cite both the author’s name and the date in the brackets, separate the two with a comma. For example, “Research show otherwise (Erikson, 1999). For web pages, find out the date that the webpage was last updated. If there is no date available, mention ‘no date’ or use the abbreviation ‘n.d.’

Use Semicolons To Separate Mulitple Citations

Suppose your citation is drawn from several sources the separate them with a semicolon. As always, cite the author and the year of the publication in brackets. Before citing another source, put a semicolon. Also, mention the factoring calculator references in alphabetical order. For example, “Some people wondered if these facts are actual ( John Doe, 2009; Simmons, 2007).

Include the Title of The Piece

While citing your sources, mention the title. It can be the title of a webpage, a journal or the name of a book. Mention the title in Italics. Also, if you are naming a book, cite the edition if it’s not the first. However, when books are republished, the information remains the same, but they are reordered. So also mention the page numbers to make finding easy. Follow the title with the date. If there is no date available, mention “n.d.”

Still, struggling with citation and also have a math assignment to tackle? Use an algebra calculator to calculate all your functions easily so that you can buy some time. Moreover, the above steps will only make citation easier.

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